My Yoga Journey So Far

Ellen was a founder and a co-owner for two decades of Namasté Yoga in Tallahassee, FL, where she taught 3 to 5 regular weekly yoga classes and led frequent yoga retreats and workshops. In addition to offering the skills and talents of many yoga teachers, some short-term and some along for the long haul, the studio hosted retreats, workshops, trainings, Kirtans, dance events, and more. The studio closed temporarily in March, 2020 when the Corona virus pandemic set in. In April, 2020, for multiple reasons, Ellen and her co-owner Gretchen Hein permanently closed the studio. We had a great run, and we are so grateful for the incredible community of teachers and students that have been part of Namasté Yoga. Thank you so much to all of you!


Ellen has created a new entity, Red Hills Yoga & Wellness, to represent the holistic blend of diverse services and practices that she offers to clients and students, and to honor the beautiful and special Red Hills region where we live. The Red Hills Region is known for its rolling hills, ravines and gullies, forests, large lakes and wild rivers. The Nature Conservancy has designated the Red Hills as one of America's "Last Great Places." At RHYW we are doing our best to live in harmony with and protect the locally abundant elements that sustain and nurture us. Through yoga, meditation and other wellness practices, we are learning to be satisfied with what we have and to decrease the pull of the dominant mindset that keeps us wanting more, no matter the cost to our humanity and our environment. Mindfully cultivating peace and love within ourselves, we work to become the change we wish to see in the world. Come join us! All are welcome here.


Ellen continues to teach several regular weekly yoga classes on Zoom, as well as periodic private individual and small group yoga classes, often with a therapeutic focus, The foundation of her approach in all of her yoga teaching, like in other settings, is fostering a safe, accessible, and dynamic environment, where the natural processes of growth, development, and healing can thrive. Mindfulness, present moment awareness, and honoring all the ways we express our many different selves are also key components. She would welcome your participation in her ongoing Zoom yoga classes and retreats! Find her schedule here and also on Facebook at

For many years, Ellen offered annual spring and fall beach retreats, a New Year retreat, and periodic workshops and trainings. These events presented wonderful opportunities to explore new aspects of yoga and other contemplative and healing practices, to connect with people in the yoga community, and to dive deep into personal exploration and healing. The beach retreats fed our souls by bringing us into direct connection with nature and incorporating the elements of earth, water, fire, and air directly into our practice. This past New Year retreat was held virtually, and you can expect more of these as the pandemic goes on. Ellen looks forward to in-person retreats resuming as well. Stay tuned!