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Calm Sea

Dr. Ellen Shapiro

Licensed Psychologist
Certified Sex Therapist
Yoga and Mindfulness Instructor
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Welcome to Dr. Shapiro’s website!

Dr. Shapiro offers private, confidential therapy with individuals, couples, traditional and non-traditional groups and families, and small groups. Her many tools include talk therapy, sex therapy, mind-body healing,

and instruction and mentoring in yoga and mindfulness practices. She also teaches ongoing yoga classes and offers workshops and retreats in yoga, meditation, new year visioning, shamanic journeying, energy healing, chakras, and integrating sex and spirit. She is former co-owner of a long-time Tallahassee yoga studio, Namasté Yoga, and currently teaches several weekly online yoga classes. She approaches all of her work with mindful awareness, compassion, and complete respect for each person's individuality and unique journey.


If you are interested in seeing Dr. Shapiro for therapy, you may be struggling with depression, anxiety, unresolved grief, persistent anger or resentment, sexual or gender concerns, or feelings that something is just not right in your life. Do you feel that something inside prevents you from fully being the person you'd like to be? Are your relationship dynamics troubling, with persistent, frustrating patterns that don't lead to resolution? Perhaps you find yourself repeating unhealthy thoughts, feelings and behaviors that you crave getting relief from.

Get the help you are looking for!

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