Intro to Shamanic  
DATE:   Tuesday, September 4th
TIME:   7:30 - 9:30 p.m.
LOCATION:   Namaste Yoga
1369 E. Lafayette St, Tall, FL

Many of us practice yoga not only for our
physical health, but for the psychological and
spiritual benefits. Shamanic journeying is
another practice that can take us directly into
aspects of our being that are not easily accessed
through other methods. In shamanic journeying
we use a hypnotic drum beat to enter in a non-
ordinary state of consciousness and explore our
inner worlds.

In this class, after a short review of some of the
basics of the history and practice of shamanic
journeying, you will have an opportunity to go
on your own journey, and we will take some time
after the experience for journaling, discussion
and integration.

This is an intro class, and all are welcome—no
experience with journeying or yoga is necessary.

DETAILS: Cost is $10-20. Namaste class passes
do not apply.  Pre-registration is not necessary,
but doors will close when room is full.  Please
plan to come 10-15 minutes early so we can
start on time. You can bring your own mat or use
one of ours.  Please bring a journal and pen.

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Contact Ellen Shapiro at (850) 222-0003 or for more info.