Welcome to the website for
Dr. Ellen Shapiro, Licensed
Psychologist, AASECT-
Certified Sex Therapist
and Yoga Teacher and
co-owner of Namaste Yoga
in Tallahassee, FL.
If you are interested in seeing Dr. Shapiro for therapy, you may be
struggling with depression, anxiety, unresolved grief, persistent anger or
resentment, sexual concerns, or feelings that something is just not right in
your life.  Do you feel that something inside prevents you from fully being
the person you'd like to be?  Are your relationship dynamics troubling,
with persistent, frustrating patterns that don't lead to resolution? Perhaps
you find yourself repeating unhealthy thoughts, feelings and behaviors
that you would like to be free of.

Dr. Shapiro uses a variety of therapeutic modalities to assist in healing
and recovery from these problems and others. You may benefit from
traditional talk therapy, which offers you a safe space to explore your
thoughts and feelings about the issues in your life and work toward new
approaches.  Couples often benefit from the chance to become more aware
of the patterns that keep them stuck and to work on changing them
behaviorally. In addition, deeper healing can often be found through
integrative practices that work on emotional, somatic, and energetic as
well as psychological and cognitive levels.

Sexual issues in particular often respond best to an approach that includes
the integration of body, mind, emotions, and spirit, since our sexual self
includes all those aspects.  Sex therapy is talk therapy for individuals or
couples where the topic is a sexual concern.  Dr. Shapiro will help you
evaluate the problem, identify options for change, and suggest practical
homework to help you work toward the changes you desire.  Often people
wait a long time before seeking help for sexual problems, and this can
create secondary problems, such as depression, low self-esteem,
insecurity, and isolation, as well as anger, sadness, and frustration in
relationships.  Sexual problems are quite common, even among young
people, so you are not alone!  Facing your problems can be scary, but it
will help you be more fulfilled in the long run.

Sex therapy can help you with issues such as:

• Sexual desire issues
• Differences in desire level between partners
• Painful intercourse and genital pain
• Difficulty with arousal/erections
• Difficulty with orgasm/ejaculations
• Vaginismus
• Concerns about sexual orientation
• Concerns about gender identity/gender therapy/HRT eval

Dr. Shapiro is experienced in working with gender dysphoria, the GLBTQ
community, and sexual minorities.  Get the help you need!

Perhaps you find that while you don't have a specific sexual problem, you
want to enhance your capacity for sexual pleasure and enjoyment, with a
partner or on your own.

Do you long to:
  • feel more alive
  • connect more deeply with yourself and/or your partner
  • learn to cultivate and enhance your erotic energy
  •  maintain arousal and high sexual energy longer
  • increase your ability to stay present with increased awareness,
    sensation and intensity

Dr. Shapiro will work with you to develop your authentic and soulful
sexual self-expression. Erotic energy is a powerful resource within that
can be cultivated for more fulfillment in all of life. Easy-to-learn
techniques of mindful presence, breathing, connecting with heart, mind
and body, partner massage, playfulness, and invoking the sacred in sex
can lead to more joy, pleasure and full-on ecstasy! The key is being
present, aware, open, and integrating all of yourself into your self-

Dr. Shapiro offers private, confidential therapy and coaching sessions for
individuals and couples.  She also offers workshops and retreats in yoga,
shamanic journeying, integrating sex and spirit, women's sexuality, and
seasonal meditation retreats.

To schedule an appointment, call (850) 222-0003 or
Dr. Shapiro can help you
deal more effectively with
life's challenges, including
depression, anxiety,

and behaviors. You may also find it helpful to
participate in her group yoga classes, or in
private therapeutic yoga or body therapy